why is it Important?

hmmm why is abortion important to me? well that I actually don’t know because when I was younger I didn’t really know anything about it and it wasn’t as important to me because I never knew it was a big deal. But after I saw how big the topic actually was I was so shocked by it I started to figure out more about it after I saw a post that if someone has an abortion they could get jail time and I was just there wondering why like how is THAT fair? I never really got it I thought it was the most stupidest thing ever. Like why would you want to put someone in jail because they WANTED AN ABORTION like?!?!!! you have to take in consideration their own problems and what is happening in their life what if they have problems, what if they cant take care of their child, put yourself in their shoes before you put that dumba’s law it makes no sense. Instead of thinking that it will help them (for some odd reason they think that) it will just hurt people mostly women, because when my female friends heard about this they said that they didn’t want kids especially a female because they dont really have much rights. sooooo until next post :3

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