who’s right?

in my opinion no one right at the end of the day its an opinion. the way they compare to each other is that you see where both parties stand and how they see the topic. I get both parties I see where they are coming from, I get it but attacking each other isn’t ok, I know I repeat myself constantly but its true violence is never the answer and will never be the answer. please think about what you say and how you say it. dont just simply attack them because you disagree with them its them, their own opinion. Everyone is different and they think differently!!!!!!


-The abortion debate is more about power and control than the fate of a zygote.

-Suddenly, I began to wonder: If one in three or four American women had an abortion at some time in her life–a common statistical estimate, even in those days of illegality– then why, WHY should this single surgical procedure be deemed a criminal act?”

-No, I’m the human here. I’m the life at stake. I’m the one with fingernails, who feels pain.

I agree with all of these because at the end of the day it is a womens body that is gonna see and feel the change not yours, they are gonna deal witht the pain not you, so please do not say rude things to them if they are going to have one or even if they did have one, im pretty sure they do not want to be judged for something they thought was right for them.


-The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government. -“Lost indeed are those who kill their own children out of folly, with no basis in knowledge, forbidding what God has provided for them…” -“Abortion is an atrocity. Those who practice or praise it are either damn idiots, misguided fools, or treacherous devils.”

I disagree with all of these because they are all saying that its wrong for them to do it, and they are basically shaming people who do this. why? for what reason do you do this? what makes you think youre in titled to say all of these things? its just wrong and disgusting.

what is going on?

well as of right now there is not that much going in but one major thing that did, was that the supreme court declines to hear challenge to Kentucky abortion law. the courts rejection of the case left in place a federal appeal court ruling that upheld the law against a first amendment challenge that claimed the measure limited doctors’ freedom of speech. its called the ‘Kentucky’s ultrasound informed consent act requires that medical providers describe and display ultrasound images and play the fetal heartbeat out loud to women who want an abortion.

there is no right or wrong

In abortion their is no right or wrong side, its just a matter of opinion or choice. This is for the pro-life, if you disagree with a person you do not just go and attack the person with insults or violence, you just simply dont attack them at all, it is their own choice and their view on the topic. Another thing that you shouldn’t do is bring religion into it, those are two completely different things and for you to bring it up when talking about it is just a dick move. As for the pro-choice if you DONT agree with what they are saying that’s fine again its their OWN opinion, dont just solve it with violence or with rude comments.

why you want to know

Why should you be invested and interested in abortion as a topic? Let me tell you why; Let’s say that someone you know is going through this situation and is contemplating on how they feel on it. Whether or not they think they want to go through with it is entirely their decision; If they think its the best choice for them they have the right to make it for themselves. If you take that away it’s no longer a choice but more of a demand, something we don’t want for ourselves as a society. If you take the time to look up more about this topic and how you should approach the situation so you don’t want to offend them or put more pressure on them; you want them to be comfortable with the decision they make on their own. For instance when they are feeling conflicted or lost its best to support them in a way they don’t feel attacked or as if they are carrying a burden into this world.