abortion lets talk about it.

I think that women should have the right to say what the outcome is going to be when it comes to abortion. I don’t think that men should make a law or even have a say on this topic. I also believe that it shouldn’t be illegal to have an abortion because lets say a woman is pregnant due to a rape, in my opinion I don’t think that they would want to be reminded of something traumatizing that happened to them. Now,  I’m not saying that they won’t love the child or that they despise it; Who knows maybe they would come to love that child but that’s up to the person who is carrying them. Another example I want to talk about is about women who are in an abusive relationship; They care a lot for their child and they don’t want to bring them into a place where they could be in potentially danger, therefore, they want to terminate their pregnancy. Having a law to stop them from doing that is just messed up in my opinion and I don’t believe it should be a thing. The reason for this is because of the Alabama law; I believe its completely unnecessary. Why are you gonna charge them with a Class C felony if it’s the women’s decision and it is their body. I am neither pro-choice nor pro-life; I am for the person in the situation who thinks what is best for themselves. As for me personally, I wouldn’t consider to have an abortion because I don’t think I could bring myself to do it. I think it would hurt me too much if I even thought about it but, that’s just my opinion. Anyway that’s all I can say for today, so if you want more keep an eye out for the next post. Until then peace out and have a great day.


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